Church and the Coronavirus

Peace be with you in these days. The coronavirus has disrupted all areas of our lives. We won't know the full extent of how this virus has impacted us for years to come. As a church, a crisis like this can serve to deepen our faith and our commitment to serving each other and our world. While our normal programming has shifted, such as worshipping online rather than from our building, the church has never "closed." We are grateful for technology that allows us to connect with each other and allows many of us to gather together.

Worship Online

Worship is available live on Sundays 10:30AM at our Facebook page. You do not need a Facebook account to view the service, however you do need one to interact with the worship leaders and each other online. You can access that Sunday‚Äôs service anytime after it ends, right there on the BVUC Facebook page; you can scroll down the page to see past services and other posts. 

Our most recent service can also be found on the homepage this website. 

In addition, Andover TV is now rebroadcasting our worship services on their public channel (Verizon 47, Comcast 8) on the following Saturday at 3:00 PM and Sunday 12:00 PM.