Whether you are making a one-time gift or a recurring donation, you can use our easy and secure online system. We accept credit and debit cards or you can arrange for a free electronic transfer from your savings or checking account. Please use the credit card option thoughtfully (e.g. you pay off your balance in full each month). This link will open up a new page. Thank you for your generosity in supporting the missions and ministries of Ballard Vale United Church!

2021 Pledge

Our 2021 stewardship campaign is based on the classic hymn "Great Is thy Faithfulness." The refrain comes from the book of Lamentations, written after the destruction of the first Jerusalem temple, when the ancient Israelites were displaced from their spiritual center and finding a new way to proceed in faith. Sound familiar? And yet, even through great lament, they recalled God’s countless acts of mercy and love to propel them through. Today, that call from Lamentations reverberates in our hearts, reminding us even in deep lament of God’s faithfulness.

One way we respond to God's unfailing faithfulness is in pledging our financial support to the church. Below you will find a pledge form. Will you make a generous pledge to our church in 2021? We will celebrate and bless our pledges on November 22, so please fill out your form before then and plan to attend worship that day in person or online. Let us give with joy, and let us share our blessings.

With great faithfulness, 
Pastor Adam

Giving & Pledging FAQs

Why pledge and not just give when I can?
Pledging allows the church to count on a steady stream of income, resulting in a yearly budget that reflects the most possible dollars going to our missions and ministries. Fewer pledges means we have to use more guesswork and may under-budget for ministries that could be more fruitful! We want to be bold in spreading the word of God and being the hands and feet of Jesus; being able to anticipate the resources which are available to us enables us to make the most of our opportunities.

How much should I pledge?
If all of us could pledge any amount we wanted to based solely on our faith in God and our love for the church, we know our stewardship campaign would bring in millions of dollars. Unlike God’s faithfulness, however, our financial resources are finite. We also know that in addition to our church, you are asked to give to many other similarly worthy organizations. Determining how much to pledge is a deeply personal decision that is discerned through prayer.

The median pledge to our church is $125 per month, the average pledge is $200 per month, although we know that not everyone can give at those levels. Discern the amount that is right for you at this time and know that you can change your amount at any time as circumstances change. Some people find looking at pledge amounts as a percentage of income as a helpful tool in discerning their pledge; the chart below presents various gifts and how they compare to annual income.

Monthly Gift as a Percentage of Income
Annual Income2%4%6%8%10%
167 333500667833
250 50075010001250

What if I can’t make a pledge right now?
If you are in a financial jam right now you are still loved and valued and are not required to pledge to be a full member of the church. While giving to the church is an essential part of being part of a church community, financial giving is not the only way to give.

What is automatic recurring giving and how does it help the church?
We know that keeping track of giving to the church can be difficult. In order to simplify your giving, we invite you to consider automatic recurring giving as a means of supporting the church.

Recurring donations provide a steady stream of support. It is a great way to manage giving without the worry of missing a payment: you set the frequency, select the payment method and your gift continues to give over time. 

You can choose to have your giving automatically sent securely to the church as a withdrawal from your bank account or charge to your credit card. For even more impact, if you choose, as an additional gift to the church you are able to choose to pay the small processing fee that the church incurs for each electronic transaction. And when financial circumstances change, you can make changes to the amount or the frequency anytime. 

Especially during this time when our numbers for gathering in person are intentionally limited due to the pandemic, choosing to use automatic recurring giving helps the church rely on a predictable source of income as we pay for missions and ministries without having to remember checks or cash or interrupting your worship by logging onto our website and making a gift.

How do I sign up for automatic recurring giving?
To sign up for recurring giving, click the Donate button at the top of this page under Donations. When you enter your gift information, check the box that says “make this a recurring donation.” From there, you can choose to make a weekly or monthly gift. Thank you for your generosity!